Windshield Replacement

Bishop Auto Glass has over 35 years of experience with auto glass replacement.  If your windshield has a crack larger than 6″, we recommend getting it replaced to prevent further damage and hinder reaction time and other driving skills.

Small rocks and road debris can chip or crack your windshield but there are also environmental factors that can further damage your vehicle.  With Florida weather comes excessive heat which can actually increase a windshield crack and impair your driving skills.  If you have a crack larger than a dollar bill, we recommend having your glass replaced.




Camera Recalibrations

Bishop Auto Glass also offers camera recalibrations post install so that your ADAS (Advanced Driver Assisted Systems) work as they should to keep your vehicle’s safety features working properly.

 There are two types of recalibrations –  static and dynamic.  Dynamic recals can be done as a mobile service.  On the other hand, static recalibrations require a climate-controlled environment with a level floor.  These recalibrations are performed in our Tampa facility at 8009 Benjamin Rd Suite 103. 



Tractor Trailer Glass

We are equipped to replace most types of tractor trailer glass.  In some instances, one to three business days will be required for glass to be obtained. 



Other Glass

Bishop Auto Glass replaces most vehicle glass including rear view mirrors and back glass.  In most cases, these options are dealers parts and require some shipping and handling time. 

At this time we do not service sunroof or RV glass, please call us if you need more information.




More Information

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